4 SEO Terms You Didn’t Know… Until Now!

On the surface, SEO – search engine optimization – is easy enough to understand. It’s all about getting to the first page of search engine query result listings, right? Right… basically. But the process of managed SEO goes much, much deeper, as it’s complex and oftentimes ambiguous. From start to finish, it can be difficult […]

Mastering Google Analytics: It’s simple, but worthwhile

Google Analytics as a direct source for business success. It’s a simple concept, but the more you think about it, the more it makes perfect sense. Think about all the information Google Analytics presents to users about their website’s audience: age, location, male versus female, language, even their viewing habits on your site and their […]

The Merits of Google+

Ah, Google+. It’s an enigma of a social media platform to many, personal users and businesses alike. Some claim being present on Google+ doesn’t matter for anyone except those active in very specific niche categories. However, others claim it’s a valuable tool that should be capitalized on. Many still just don’t have a firm understand […]

Google removes keyword data from analytics; what does that mean for your SEO?

Google’s updated algorithm has caused a flurry of reporting – and general speculation – among the digital marketing community on whether the new updates will have a serious effect on already-established SEO. Today’s blog post centers around the facts we know, as well as what we can inform readers based on those facts. FACT: Google has swapped the […]

How to effectively make your site social media-friendly

Our inspiration for this post came from SEO News. Read the original article here. It’s a given that having a functional business website is nearly always an absolute must nowadays. Obviously, it’s a practice we recommend – that’s our business, after all! – but we also fully see the value of businesses taking advantage of social media. Not […]

Facebook as a driver of sales: A case study

We loved an article posted by Mashable last week that took an in-depth look at the effect a small business’s social media usage has on its sales. In summary, a business owner seeing good results on Facebook met with a consultant to see if she could be getting excellent results. With a few tweaks made from the consultant’s […]

Digital advertising and the future of business marketing

Source: PR Daily’s Digital to account for nearly a quarter of ad budgets in 2015 Happy Friday! It’s almost time to tuck into a relaxing weekend, but there are still a few hours left to gain some insight into how your business handles – or could handle – digital advertising. Is it part of your marketing budget? Should […]