4 SEO Terms You Didn’t Know… Until Now!

On the surface, SEO – search engine optimization – is easy enough to understand. It’s all about getting to the first page of search engine query result listings, right? Right… basically. But the process of managed SEO goes much, much deeper, as it’s complex and oftentimes ambiguous. From start to finish, it can be difficult […]

The Merits of Google+

Ah, Google+. It’s an enigma of a social media platform to many, personal users and businesses alike. Some claim being present on Google+ doesn’t matter for anyone except those active in very specific niche categories. However, others claim it’s a valuable tool that should be capitalized on. Many still just don’t have a firm understand […]

Amplifying your Facebook content

A recent article by SEO-News.com pointed out the value in amplifying content on your business’ Facebook page instead of paying to promote posts, the latter of which is a common practice used by countless brand pages in order to increase engagement and possibly even gain new site visits. Today, we’re going to break down this new […]

Project Two (Design) – Help Give Hope

HELP GIVE HOPE Our website design for Springfield-area non-profit organization Help Give Hope was a definite labor of love for us at dvWEB. This site’s fresh design features straight-to-the-point navigation, tasteful colors pulled directly from the organization’s logo, and a home page photo slider, all of which gave Help Give Hope a personable web presence that’s […]

PPC for Dummies: What IS PPC, anyway?

Of course, we write this post with the knowledge that nobody reading this is an actual dummy. But _________ For Dummies has always been a pretty knockout way of explaining all the things we want to know about: brewing different kinds of coffee, learning the banjo, starting your own country, speaking cat, or surviving a robot uprising […]

Project One (Design) – Iguana Wash

IGUANA WASH Our website design for Blue Iguana Car Wash was a great first project for dvWEB that established our house style: clean, minimalistic design, complemented by a practical, no-frills system of navigation. A fluid slideshow on the home page offers up prime site real estate for the business’ photos to shine. Farther down on […]