If there’s one thing that’s constant in SEO (search engine optimization), it’s change. That’s why we constantly strive to keep up with industry news so that we can implement new ways to help businesses reach their goals online. Our SEO services are geared to help grow your business via online exposure, increased website traffic and conversion optimization.

  • Exposure
  • Traffic
  • Conversion


Quality SEO services lead to more exposure for your company online from sources including (but certainly not limited to) search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Increased online exposure from search engines begins with keyword strategy. At dvWEB, we consult with our clients to create a keyword strategy that consists of keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to their business. We also consider relative competition and provide search volumes that make the work it takes to rank at the top of the first page of search results worthwhile – and then some!

Once a great strategy is in place, the work to achieve the goal of ranking at the top-third of the first page of results begins. Specifically, that work begins with on-page optimization of the website to meet Google’s webmaster guidelines. Next, we work to optimize key online directories, such as Google+ Local and others. Additionally, work is done on an online basis to create and distribute the kind of quality written content that leads to increased authority for your website over time. After all, Google is in the business of judging the authority of websites. The more authoritative your website, the higher your search positioning – and the higher your search positioning, the more exposure you will receive.


Exposure is great, but if your SEO goals begin and end with “getting to #1″ with Google, you’re missing the boat! Exposure does little to nothing for your business if potential customers are not clicking through to your website. So how do we help our customers get people website traffic? It begins with a variety of conversion optimization techniques, including preferential local search positioning (the blended results area), optimized Meta descriptions to encourage people to click on your link, and logical “funneling” techniques designed to get your customers to take the desired action with as little effort as possible on their part.

In addition to providing SEO and online marketing services needed to turn exposures into traffic, dvWEB will set up website analytics that show just how much traffic you’re getting. In terms of the data we can provide, limitations are few. We’ll show you how many visitors came to your website each month, where they came from, how long they stayed, and where they clicked. If they came from Google, we will even report which keyword they typed in to find you.


Exposure and traffic are wonderful, but they mean little unless they lead to growth in your business. This is where conversion optimization comes in. In addition to working with our clients to develop increased online exposure and traffic to their website, dvWEB works hard to turn that traffic into paying customers.

How do we do this? It begins with consulting with our clients to develop a clear call-to-action: What are you asking the visitors of your website to do? Are you asking them to do anything at all? Are you asking them to do too many things (which leads to confusion)? Your call-to-action should be clear and easy to execute.

Next, we’ll work with you to set up conversion tracking systems. We’ll help you fold conversion tracking into website analytics, so that you can see exactly what percentage of visitors to your website “converted” into customers.

PRO TIP: Is your phone number properly formatted on your website, using dashes instead of periods? Your phone number should be formatted as follows: 555-555-5555. Otherwise, users of mobile phones will not be able to call your business simply by clicking on your phone number. Given that 56% of all mobile users access the Internet with their phones, this is an important (and easy to follow) online marketing tip!